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Rexfords new way

Rexfords journey through his leg amputation

Rexfords new way

Not so good news.

September 11th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Sorry for takeimg so long to udate you all . As you know rex was taken back to the hospital last monday night due to complucations with his wound. I go see him every day and he seems to be getting better and acting better but the wound will not heal . The drs dont know if its infection or some kind of fungul disease but he isnt pushing enough red blood cells to the wound for it to heal itself and the drs say this is not a normal thing that happens and even has them confused . The mentioned a specialist in pittsburgh he could be transfered to but they canot give me a deffanite anwser on if it will help him or not . I dont want to make him go through all this if that is the outcome either way nor do i have the money his bill is at 7000 dollars as of today and goes up 600 to 1000 evry day he is there . They have to sedate him daily to change his wet to dry bandage i do not know what to do here and i have my 3 kids at home always aking bout him i dont know what to tell them . And i still have heard nothing from my neighbors insurance about what they are and arnt goin to cover . Im just stuck right know. Any advice is greatly appreciated

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  • charlie1

    I’m fairly new to the site and just came across your story. So sad and I’m so sorry. I have 2 “thoughts”. As to the wound, there is a medicinal honey called Manuka Honey with great healing properties. It is used in hospitals and there has been good success with wound healing. Not sure of the specifics of his accident but having had experience with insurance co’s, if you think your neighbor was “at fault”, I wouldn’t wait for the co to make you an offer, you should seek out an attorney.

  • benny55

    As awful as thisnupdate is, I’m actually slightly relieved, as I was sooooo worried since we hadn’t heard from you…and…well…I was thinking the worst. Not saying this is good, but he’s still with you and showing “some” improvement.

    I also have heard good things about Manuka Ho ey, but it really, REALLY needs ro be the “right” kind. It has to have a certain “rating”…a certain “certification”. I can’t remeber exactly, so please research yourself, but the higher the UMF rating, the better. And zi may not even have those “letters” right (meaning UMF). But that’s enough ro get you started.

    Now, as far as havi g to change the bandage and repacking, etc, that does halpen sometimes. The “blood cell” reference though, not sure exactly what that means.

    Anywaw, o to a couole of sggestions.
    HAVE THE CHECKED FOR MRSA??? It requires a very specific antibiotic and others nust won’t work.

    Another suggestuon, go to the thread titled “Ask A Vet” and layout what has been going in…the tests done…the “treatment”…every bit of information you can provide. We have a “volunteer” Vet who came here as a result of her large Mastiff having an amputation. She’s been kind enough to donate her time and expertise to anyone having challenges on this journey. It may take her a day or two to respond, vut PLEASE ake a post with the details of Rexford.

    The fact that he IS showing progress is soooo encouraging! I know this is draining for you financially, emotionally and physically!! But possibly, with this “second opinion” from our volunteer Vet, she may have some additional insight to help get Rexford home on enjoying life to the fullest!!

    One more thought. Why can’t your Vet do a phone “consult” with the Specialist in Pittsburgh? That Vet should be able to gain enough info to determine what other tests need to be done, or other treatment options

    And one more thought (again). Would a transfusion be an option?

    A d we would love to see ore lics of Rexford, even if itsw at the clinic!!! Weve all fallen in @oce with rhis feisty boy!! 🙂 We are all cheering madly for Rex!!

    Hang in there!!! Post in the forums and see if you can gain additional help there from “our” Vet.

    And I agree…seek out an Attorney and let them light a fire under your neighbor. You jave enough on your plate.

    Thanks sooooo much for taking the time to let us know what’s going on. And when you go see Rexford tomorrow, bring him a cheeseburger for us, okay??

    Lots of hugs to all

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS… Could Rexford come home for a sleepover,go the next day and get the rebandaging, and msybe come home again for another night? Not sure how far away the Vet is, but as long as there are no risks, this a little visit home may do EVERYT a world of good!!! 🙂

  • jerry

    Oh you guys, I can only imagine how ruff this is right now, I’m so sorry! Rexford is holding his own but you guys have so much to deal with. The stress must be unreal. A few suggestions for you:

    1) ditto on checking for MRSA. Did the vets run tests to make sure it’s not an infection that’s resistant to antibiotics? See:

    2) talk to the hospital practice manager and see what they can do to help with your bill. If there are things you can do at home for him that will help lower it, maybe he can come home sooner? I hope so.

    3) about the neighbor’s insurance. Be persistent. Get the company number and call them. Don’t wait. Be the squeaky wheel.

    Regarding the manuka honey, see:

    Keep us posted OK? If you want to talk don’t forget the Tripawds Helpline is available. 844-TRIPAWD

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